We love moving in nature.

Movement, running & yoga classes that encourage you to live an active, moving lifestyle.

We are a bunch of outdoor & movement enthusiasts

We are a collective of people travelling the world to encourage everyone who’s interested to dive into the capabilities of their bodies and their mind.

The admin & events side of things is run by Nina, a certified functional trainer, yoga and running teacher. Apart from running dusty tracks or surfing the ocean, she consults companies in becoming more sustainable through the means of agile methodologies.

Nina Wiegers

…is working on her fearlessness in all ways of life.
As a certified functional trainer, curious movement teacher and dedicated trail runner, she’s always up for discovery.

Hannah Dykast
Eva Maria Greiderer

…has the heart and the skill to guide you to your inner and outer strength. She’s a certified Psychedelic Breath® teacher, yoga studio owner and yoga teacher.